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I can help to support you in any aspects of your projects relating to:

• Plants, wildlife and their habitats

• Local history from Bronze Age to the present

• Geography and geology

• School grounds, organic gardening and food production

• Habitat creation including hedgerows, woodland, wetlands, bee meadows, beetle mounds

   and orchards

Here are some of the activities currently on offer:

• Shipley Glen and moorland walk, looking for and recording Bronze Age, Iron Age, Victorian

   and modern features.

• Baildon Moor and Fossil hunting walk with the collection of 320 million year old fossil

  marine creatures and woodland!

• Shipley Glen - rocks and geology, grassland, moorland and woodland walk, history and


• Habitat exploration and recording - grass, moor and woodland plant and animal

   identification, pootering and release.

• Habitat exploration and recording - moving water - stream dipping, identification, recording

   and release. Wellies or spare footwear required.

• Habitat exploration and recording - still water - pond dipping on Baildon Moor, identification

   and release. This can also be combined with the fossil walk.

• Transect work from outside Bracken Hall, across Bracken Hall Greens' grass and moorland,

   through Shipley Glen Woods to the stream at the bottom of the valley - Load Pit Beck. We'll

   record all species of plants and animals as we go.

• From start to finish - a guided walk from Bracken Hall to the start of Shipley Glens' stream

   above Salts' Bridge and down to Hirst Mill, where it joins the River Aire. We will record its

   route as we walk down its banks and sometimes into Shipley Glens' stream - Load Pit Beck.

   Wellies or spare footwear required.

• Signs of seasonal changes - plant flowers, buds, leaves, bird song, fungi etc.

• Tree identification - using bark, buds, leaves and seed. Bark rubbing and we will also

   measure how old 'your' trees may be using measuring tapes and mathematics.

• The Geography and geology of Shipley Glen, Baildon Bank and Baildon Moor - includes

  fossil hunting and a look into the land winning industries - quarrying for sand, flag and

  ironstone, bell-pit coal mining and opencast for gannister.

• Soil - Exploring the soil from 1) the edge Of Bracken Hall Green to the bank of Load Pit

  Beck, 2) the start of Shipley Glen to the edge of Baildon Moor and 3) From the edge of

  Baildon Moor, up and over Baildon Moor to the Bingley/Menston Road/Northgate using

  soil augers, transect tapes, capture/recording bags, GPS app on Smartphone.

All recording equipment will be provided the school groups, some or all of exploration equipment provided by BHCC and school - schools owned equipment will be their legacy for future visits with or without 'coaching staff'.

I can also deliver the following:

• KS1 - Gardens - growing and planting, Animal Homes, Minibeasts, Pond Dipping, Senses,

  Adaptations and Habitats, Life Cycles, Plants and Trees

• KS2 - Gardens - growing and planting, Habitats and Species, Minibeasts, Pond Dipping,

  Shipley Glen Habitats, Plants and Trees, Rivers and Streams, Moorland, Bronze & Iron

  Age through to the present, Archaeology, Fossils

• KS3 - Land Use, Soil Studies, Ecology - Transects, Habitats - Comparison, Invertebrates,

  Rivers and Streams, Tourism and Visitors, Settlements through the ages

• KS4 - Land Use, Tourism - its positive and negative effects, Ecology - 1) Effect of humans

  on the site and habitats, 2) Habitats comparison & 3) Invertebrates

As part of my activities with Bracken Hall Countryside Centre, I plan on collaborating with

the other Bracken Hall Providers for the following:

• Climbing and abseiling survey of climbs at Shipley Glen and Baildon Bank - plants and

  animals - BMC and YWT support

• Canoe survey of River Aire  and stream survey at Shipley Glen - depth, width, speed,

  litter collection/record of any, plant and animal survey including p and a collection,

  Identification, data collection and release - British Canoe Union (BCU), YWT, Canal &

  Rivers Trust (C&RT), Natural England (NE), Environment Agency (EA), Bradford & Bingley

  Canoe Club (BBCC)

• Underwater SMALL hydro energy generation project - licences may be needed if test

  units are to be secured to the base, bank of the river or a strung from a suspended cable

  across the river at a number of places - CoBMDC, YWT, local land owners, Bradford

  Rowing Club, BCU, C&RT, NA, EA, BBCC plus any others))

Rate per session:

£100 per AM or PM for three 'coaching' sessions. Includes half day charge for booking Bracken Hall education room and toilets.

• 3 different sessions x one teacher and class of pupils or

• 3 x same sessions x one teacher and class of pupils.

£100 for AM or PM leader led sessions for teacher and unlimited students. Includes half day charge for booking Bracken Hall education room and toilets.

£190 per day for leader led sessions for teacher and unlimited students. Includes full day charge for booking Bracken Hall education room and toilets.